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Rocket League gets Stranger Things crossover

Rocket League gets Stranger Things crossover

Rocket League goes into the Upside Down this Halloween.

Screenshot by Corinne Reichert / CNET

Rocket League is getting a Stranger Things overlay as part of its Halloween event Haunted Hallows. Starting Oct. 14, players will get themed add-ons for their cars as well as a spooky new arena to play in, Rocket League announced Wednesday after posting a teaser on YouTube. The trailer shows the Rocket League cars entering the Upside Down as Stranger Things theme music plays and the Mind Flayer appears.

Rocket League says it's transformed its Farmstead Arena into the Upside Down from Netflix's Stranger Things, added fall-themed items and also has "top secret wares developed by the Hawkins National Laboratory that will turn your Battle-Car creations up to Eleven."

You can earn candy corn to spend on items like the Hawaiian Hopper decal in honor of our favorite Hawkins cop, Starcourt wheels reminiscent of the new mall and a boost that resembles the red Stranger Things font.

Hawaiian Hopper Stranger Things Rocket League

Rocket League

Some of the other Halloween-style items include "Timbertyre wheels", a "spider boogie" decal, witch hats and floating balloons.

Rocket League's Haunted Hallows runs until Nov. 11.


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